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Edwin IJpeij
contemporary dutch artist
in classical painting &

With his respectful, sensual and sometimes provocative artworks, Edwin wants to bring you in motion to discover and develop yourself. He wants to encourage you to stay close to your heart and soul: your essence. Because it is without garment, make-up and nick-nack, for him the female nude symbolises your pure self. To quote Michelangelo: “What spirit is so empty and blind, that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe, and skin more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed?” While embracing your unique self, he is convinced that this results in your happiness and success.

He realises that his artworks may mirror you with your own perception and vulnerability, and he does this consciously, to stimulate self-reflection. It is about how you look at yourself, at how you define beauty, and also how you interact with people and the world around you. His artworks reflect all features that you may recognise in yourself: from introvert, beautiful, extravert, shy, energetic till sensual, mysterious, sexy, seductive and decisive.

According to Edwin, beauty is about how you look towards yourself and your total appearance as personality. When you are close to your heart, you are the most happy, attractive and successful. This is the secret of true beauty, because that shines strongly through your own physical shapes! Yes, indeed, with all your curves and all your edges. This is what Edwin wants: bringing you in motion to be your pure and beautiful self, your naked truth: the nude as a symbol for your inner beauty!

Edwin IJpeij Photography, contemporary art, nude


The beauty, sensuality and personality of the model inspires Edwin to capture her feelings and emotions. Her personality intrigues the artist and the creative process towards a photograph, Edwin always experiences a nice artistic symbiosis where the model inspires the artist and vice versa. No matter if she is mysterious, dreamy, shy, introvert or extravert, her personality and character are the basis for the final artwork as this makes every model unique. To express the softness of her shapes and her nude skin, Edwin has a strong preference for printing the final artwork in black and white. Despite his focus is on the creation of female nudes, Female Landscapes, he also works with masculine models, where he likes to express again character and personality.

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Edwin IJpeij Paintings, contemporary art, nude


Creating a painting of a Female Landscape is very different than making a photograph. In this great journey, Edwin feels the freedom to add his personal imagination and artistic interpretation. Like in photography, the model inspires him to paint - brushstroke after brushstroke - her beauty, sensuality and personality. Typically, she poses live, however, to reduce sitting time, Edwin also works from sketches and memory. Likelyness is important for him, however, he may decide to make changes to improve the composition, light and color. The challenge is to reflect skin in texture and colour. To achieve this as convincingly as possible, Edwin's works with self-made paint, which he prepares from traditional, genuine pigments accordingly to the methods of the Old Masters. By this, a new Female Landscape is born, Edwin's "hommage à la Femme"

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