Edwin IJpeij's Jome Jewelry® at Gregor's for framing
Hand-maded frames tailored to the paintings of Edwin's Home Jewelry® collection

Edwin IJpeij at Masters of LXRY 2017
Masters of LXRY - VIP evening

Edwin IJpeij ready for Masters of LXRY 2017

Counting down : 7 days

Edwin IJpeij for United Nations Women Netherlands

UN Women Netherland

Edwin IJpeij at Masters of LXRY 2017

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Just applied the cartoon, which is a drawing that describes your subject with the minimum amount of lines.

First Home Jewelry® painting disclosed during ADAF2017

The announcement of the new collection

Glazing of shadows demonstration

Grisaille underpainting explanation 

Caravaggio's discussed painting The Martrydom of St. Ursula: 

Exhibition: London

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