Damrak Amsterdam

Size: 60 x 30 cm

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With this painting of Amsterdam Damrak (the historical financial centre of Amsterdam), Edwin wants to refer to the most successful company ever in the world: the Dutch East Indian Company (VOC). They had a clear vision and invested huge amounts of money and have been decades in depth because of these investments. However, this brought amazing prosperity and resulted in the blossoming of Dutch Art (The Golden Age, the 17th Century). Artists like Rembrandt benefitted from the ìNouvelle Richeî that followed the VOC success.  From this period the Dutch proverb: ìde cost gaet voor de baet uytî, which is best translated in ìno pain, no gainî. Today companies donít dare to do this anymore. What most people donít know is that the current society the VOC inventions are still very alive: a.o.. current banking, the current stock exchange and the concept of the patent.