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 Edwin IJpeij

Contemporary Dutch Artist and Inventor fostering equivalency between people especially by showing the sensuality, strength and power of women.

"Nude is for me the ultimate symbol of freedom, power and pureness. That's why this is my subject for my photographs and paintings. It is an unpredictable journey along all sides of humanity. Sometimes soft, sometimes sweet and sometimes spicy, yet always sensual, attractive and strong."

Why fostering equivalency by women? When looking closer at women, one will observe that they are often more powerful than men. They determine often who and what comes into the house, what comes on the table and even more. Not for nothing it is said that behind a successful man is a strong woman. Moreover, the role of the woman reaches much further and her influence is very strong, yet subtle and soft. As she is able to give birth to new life, the connection with her child(ren) is very strong. Being mother, she is even more influential. Despite this power, women appear yet not to have similar rights compared to men. Therefore, Edwin wants to reveal the power of women by his artworks. To place her in the spotlights by showing her beauty, power and sensuality.
Why fostering equivalency by nudity? Through his work, Edwin shares the experiences and discoveries of his journey. His muses play an act of power, seduction and temptation. Freedom comes when you dare to live close to your heart, and hence you dare to be yourself. But what does it mean to be yourself? Exactly: your skin and everything below. The rest is garment that comes and goes. Your skin and everything below is a stable rock that you unconditionally can rely on. When realising that, the magic starts!

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Like everyone is unique, all Edwin's creations are unique. This means that all artworks are unique pieces of art. All Edwin's artworks have a certificate of authenticity and originality. Moreover, all Edwin's paintings are signed secretly which can be traced by an expert only.

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