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Discover now the nude and erotic art paintings and photography by Artist Edwin IJpeij. Why he creates these sensual artworks and what has chemistry to do with this?

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EDWIN IJPEIJ - Contemporary Artist in Nude and Erotic art

The Magic of Chemistry in Erotic Art

Nude and Erotic Art with a Mission

“Without sensual attraction there are no relationships. Without relationships the world gets cold and empty. In my eyes, the increasing taboo on sensuality and nudity provokes a world without warmth and love. Sensuality is pure chemistry. Chemistry is about connecting and making new bonds.

Sensuality is the basis for human existence. The skin and its play with tissues can provoke feelings of attraction and excitement. However, in current society I notice an increasing shame for something which is completely natural.

It is my mission to normalise our relationship with sensuality and nudity by reflecting with my art”.

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