A Muse in Bed

In this collection one of Edwin’s muses is in bed. She is tempting you sometimes playing with her hair. Innocent, wild, playful, direct, sweet and inviting, however, in every image she tries to seduce. The artist: “I am convinced that all women are muses. With this series, I want to invite all women to explore their muse-sense”.

nude art, nude photography, female nude, A Muse in Bed
A Muse in Bed is a photography art collection where Edwin’s muse spend time in bed to create sensual and erotic art with the aim to inspire women to explore their sensuality and sexiness. This is for both the artist and his muse a way to break out the usual role patterns where the seductive power of the woman is placed into the spotlights.

Click on the magnifying glass to see full painting and on the title to read more information and to see the availability.

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