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Commission a Painting

A commissioned portrait or full body made by Edwin IJpeij is not only a decorative object, but a nice investment in yourself. As the artwork is made with passion, using old masters techniques and traditional pigments, it will remind you to your irresistable inner beauty. It is also a nice investment for your children and grand-children, capturing a moment of present that will survive centuries, because being an Art Chemist, Edwin understands what's the chemistry and the bonding between paint layers. During the first contact, Edwin will start knowing you, to catch your personality and character. During the photography study (photo-inventio), he will discover which pose, light and composition fits best with you. This is a highly interactive process where he advises you which picture is the most suitable to be worked out to a painting. Obviously, this is a process where you have your own influence. 


Prices are depending on the size of the panel and
on the complexity of the background. Please contact Edwin


- For each additional figure, add 50% of initial fee.
- Prices above do not include travel expenses, framing, crate making, shipping or VAT.