Nude and Erotic Art by Edwin IJpeij

Watch here the nude and erotic art especially created for you by Edwin IJpeij. Click on painting or photography collections links to see more

About the nude and erotic art of Edwin IJpeij

Hyperrealistic nude and erotic art paintings

The paintings by Edwin IJpeij is characterised by a high level of realism. His paintings are categorised in hyperrealism by art experts and art critics.

His paintings are made preferably on panel. This support is known to have an excellent positive effect on the durability of the painting. To prevent that the wood structure will appear in the painting, Edwin glues top quality Belgian linen on the panel before applying the traditional gesso grounding. After 12 layers of gesso, followed by sanding each layer separately, Edwin applies the first layers with egg tempera in the underpainting. After a secret treatment, Edwin continues with oil paint. The secret treatment is needed to make a proper chemical connection between the underpainting and the overpainting.

Each painting is a unique artwork, and there will not be more than one of each available worldwide. Even there will be no giclee or print made from each painting.

Nude and Erotic fine art photography work

The photography work by Edwin IJpeij started with pigmented ink fine art prints on high quality paper from Ilford or Hahnemuhle. Recently, Edwin (re-)discovered the ancient contact print technique. He started with the cyanotype process and more recently he discovered palladiotype process. Because of his chemical background he was able to master this complex and difficult technique in short time. Because of the high level of handwork, in making the negatives, activation of the paper, the lighting and development, each artwork is unique. No piece of art is the same, even when it’s made from the same negative. Because of this, Edwin is able to guarantee the unicity and authenticity of each artwork.

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