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Hyperrealistic paintings

My paintings embody an extreme level of realism, often classified as hyperrealistic by art critics. However, I prefer the term “highly realistic” to describe them.

When it comes to painting, I favor working on panels as they significantly enhance the durability of the artwork. To ensure a flawless surface, I meticulously apply the finest Belgian linen to the panel, preventing any visible wood structure. The process begins with 12 layers of traditional gesso grounding, each layer carefully sanded. The initial layers are then executed using egg tempera, followed by a secret procedure that allows for proper chemical interaction when applying the oil layers. The combination of aesthetics, materials, and techniques in my artworks gives rise to what I perceive as Sensual Icons and Polyptychs.

It’s important to note that each painting I create is a unique work of art, with only one copy accessible in the entire world. These paintings will not be reproduced as giclee prints or in any other form.

Works fine art photography

My photographic work began with pigmented ink fine art prints on high quality Ilford or Hahnemuhle paper. Edwin has (re)discovered the ancient contact printing process. He began with the cyanotype technique and then discovered the palladiotype method. Because of his chemical expertise, he was able to quickly grasp this complex and difficult procedure. Each artwork is unique because to the high level of handwork involved in creating the negatives, activating the paper, lighting, and development. Even when created from the same negative, no two pieces of art are the identical. As a result, I can guarantee the uniqueness and authenticity of each artwork.

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