Frontpage journal article

Artist Edwin IJpeij's statement on the 2020 sensation hunters' action in Maastricht.

Sensual in the City is a project where Edwin makes fine-art photos in the city centre of famous cities that have a strong history in art. The goal is to connect the female sensuality with the sensuality and artistry of the city.

The first Sensual in the City edition was in Maastricht on August 19, 2019. Edwin photographed the female nude on famous locations in the town of Maastricht. Between the public. With permission of the municipality of Maastricht. The photo on this page shows the frontpage article in the newspaper “De Limburger”.

In July 2020, in diverse media was announced that a group of 4 photographers made a nude shoot in the city centre of Maastricht. Apparently nudity still causes a stir. Some say it occasionally disrupts the order. However, what was really going on?

This group of 4 photographers made a nude shoot without permission of the municipality with one model in the centre of Maastricht. Because they had no permission, they got arrested by the police and got additionally a spicy fine.

Edwin was called by journalists if this was again a project by him. Of course the answer was “no”. Edwin makes art with a strong message and story, and this kind of sensation actions don’t fit in his vision.

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