Commissioned Fine Art Portrait Painting by Edwin: Immortalise Yourself for Eternity

Imagine waking up each morning to see a stunning portrait painting of yourself that is a true work of art and will last for generations to come. A painting that captures your unique spirit and beauty, and that fills you with pride and confidence. And imagine that this portrait will be cherished by your future loved ones.

That is what I can offer you with my custom fine art portraits.

I am a renowned artist, featured on international radio, TV, and newspapers, with a passion for creating timeless masterpieces that capture the essence of my subjects. I use the finest materials and techniques, and I work closely with each client to create a portrait that truly reflects their unique vision.

When you commission a portrait from me, you can expect a bespoke and immersive experience. I will take the time to understand your essence, your narrative, and your soul. I will also work with you to choose the perfect pose, lighting, and setting for your portrait.

Once I have a good understanding of your vision, I will begin the creative process. I will create an artistic proposal for your portrait for your approval, and then I will begin painting or taking photographs. I take great care in each detail of my work, and I am always striving to create the most beautiful and flattering portrait possible.

I offer two possibilities for commissioning a portrait:

Palladiotype or platinotype photography

Palladiotype or platinotype photography

This technique creates a unique, centuries-surviving photo print with warm black and white tones.

Fully painted portrait in oil paint

Fully painted portrait in oil paint

I use the Van Eyck brothers’ technique, a centuries-old method renowned for its brilliance and durability.

Whichever option you choose, you can be sure that your portrait will be a treasured heirloom for your family because it is made by the techniques of the Old Masters. It will be a lasting legacy of your beauty, your spirit, and your love for your loved ones and the generations to come.

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait from me, please contact me today. I would be honoured to discuss your vision and create a unique and timeless work of art for you.



Contact me today to learn more about commissioning a custom fine art portrait and immortalise yourself for eternity.

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