Happy to create new erotic and nude art again

After the wonderful exhibition of my nude and erotic art photography exhibition in Brussels in the Espace Art Gallery, I am happy to be back in my atelier/studio to create new erotic and nude art paintings.

Do you know what I like the most in nude photography? For me it is a sketching tool where I can see the impact of composition and light on the colours. A photoshoot with a model is always very interactive and inspiring. The chemistry between two people is super exciting. Now I discovered how to make my nude photography even more unique, I find it even more exciting! Especially, the happy developments on the palladiotype photography make me very happy and excited. This extremely difficult, complex and expensive technique is mastered by only a few artists worldwide.

However, despite the new love, I will leave nude photography a bit behind me for some time and focus on new nude or erotic art paintings. Dear brushes, I missed you so much, but it all served a nice goal: this wonderful and exciting exhibition that was focussed on my new developed photographic processes.

A new challenge dooms up at the horizon: to see if I can replace lead white by an alternative. Lead white is toxic and by exposure its level builds up in the blood serum, as the body cannot excrete it. It causes saturnism when it is too late, but before reaching that, it can cause kidney damage. The corona pandemic made me very aware of a good health.

If I will succeed with this, I don’t know. However, I will try my utmost best. The alternative would be painting with lead white using disposable gloves. These have also disadvantages such as a different feeling that may influence my brushstroke. Another disadvantage is the humidity in the gloves that opens the pores of the skin, which makes it more penetrable for chemicals and microbes.

To experiment is fine, but the result is always leading. The goal is to create inspiring art for you. Nude art to move to the next level. I am busy with a new painting this way and the first results look very promising. Maybe, I will paint and glaze the last layers with lead based pigments. Do you want to stay up-to-date, don’t hesitate to subscribe for my newsletter.

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