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Venice Girl III, contemporary nude, erotic art

 (60 x 30 cm, tempera and oil on French Oak marouflage)

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Giclée: not available

Frame: Handmade Antracite with white Gold Leaf on wood

I keep my mask. It is red, symbol of my development and self-confidence. I discovered my courage, passion and feminine power, sensual power. However, that did not come by itself - I had to come through the gate of self-acceptance.

I feel the need now to spread my mission : Beauty is inside you! Exterior beauty will vanish at one point, your interior beauty - your heart - is your center of your happiness and success. Look at me! I show up naked in front of you, can you also show your inner beauty? Join me in my work of convincing people that they should not judge anymore! Now everything changes, why not you change your perception about yourself?
It's time to find your own beauty!

I am unique. Also the frame is unique. It is made by hand in the atelier of Gregor's Frames and completely tailored to the painting.

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