Artist Statement & Biography Edwin IJpeij

Artist Statement

Edwin Ijpeij

“As an artist, my focus is on creating works that promote freedom, authenticity and inclusivity. I believe that the ability to express one’s true self is a fundamental human right and that connection with both oneself and others is essential in achieving this. My current focus is on the female nude, as it represents the embodiment of these values. I am a multidisciplinary inventive Dutch artist known for my hyperrealistic paintings and fine-art photographs. My paintings are hyperrealistic and have a very contemporary feel, whereas my most recent fine art photographs are less realistic due to the use of ancient photographic techniques. I am influenced by the amazing and intriguing power of women, her sensuality, as well as her subtle, secretive, and effective powerplay. In an age of increasing taboos on sensuality and nudity, with my artworks, I want to portray the existential human desire to feel and live free in a world filled with liberty. All of my works are aesthetic compositions in which light plays a prominent role.”


Edwin IJpeij


erotic nude art photography project sensual in the city Maastricht

At work with model Joy downtown Maastricht

Edwin IJpeij (1969) is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Geleen, the Netherlands. Edwin was born and raised in a cultural and religious environment that strongly discouraged sensuality and nudity, and his early years had an important influence in his growth as an artist. Despite this, he shown a remarkable talent for painting from an early age, and his art teacher urged him to pursue a career as a professional artist. His parents, however, persuaded him to choose a “safer” professional route, and he eventually decided to study chemistry. Edwin had a great career as a scientist and innovator for a multinational corporation after getting his degree in Organic Chemistry. He gained a remarkable talent for outside-the-box thinking, which he now uses in his art.

Edwin’s chemical knowledge has been beneficial in his artistic endeavors. He has studied the painting methods of the Old Masters and used his understanding of chemistry to comprehend and replicate these skills. He has also used his chemical skills to develop rare and complex photography processes like the palladiotype process.

Edwin is fascinated by the dramatic effect of light on a topic and enjoys experimenting with it in his artworks. He is inspired by the work of artists who were greatly impacted by light, such as Van Gogh, Puget, and Picasso. He loves to use egg tempera and oil paint in his works, following the methods of the Old Masters as evolved during the Renaissance. He creates his own egg tempera and oil paints using unique, often poisonous materials. Edwin’s artworks have been shown in places such as Sittard-Geleen, Maastricht, Brussels, Miami, Barcelona, London, Venice, Knokke, and Amsterdam. His work may be found at collections in Amsterdam, Maastricht, Hasselt, Namur, London, Aix-en-Provence, Oxford, Genk, Lisbon, and Sittard-Geleen.

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