Artist Statement & Biography Edwin IJpeij

Artist Statement

Edwin Ijpeij

“As an artist, my primary focus is on creating artworks that embody freedom, authenticity, and inclusivity. I strongly believe in the fundamental human right to express one’s true self and the importance of forging connections with oneself and others to achieve this. Currently, my artistic exploration centers around the female nude, which serves as a symbol of these values. I am an innovative Dutch artist with a multidisciplinary approach, recognized for my highly realistic paintings, including Sensual Icons and Sensual Polyptychs, as well as my fine-art photographs.

While some art critics classify my paintings as hyperrealistic, I prefer to describe them as highly realistic. In contrast, my recent fine art photographs venture into a realm of less realism, employing ancient photographic techniques. My artistic vision is profoundly influenced by the captivating power of women, encompassing their sensuality and their nuanced, enigmatic, yet influential dynamics. In an era marked by increasing taboos surrounding sensuality and nudity, my artworks seek to portray the universal human yearning for liberation and the pursuit of a life imbued with freedom.

Throughout all my works, I strive to create aesthetic compositions where light assumes a prominent role, adding depth and meaning to the visual narrative.

Edwin IJpeij”


erotic nude art photography project sensual in the city Maastricht

At work with model Joy downtown Maastricht

Edwin IJpeij (1969, Geleen) is a contemporary Dutch artist renowned for his narrative-driven approach. His work is strongly influenced by his cultural and religious upbringing, wherein sensuality was discouraged and his interest in religious art and classical music was nurtured.

With a successful career as a scientist and innovator in Organic Chemistry, Edwin’s unconventional thinking now permeates his artistic pursuits. His deep understanding of chemistry enhances his work, as he studied and rediscovered the techniques of the Old Masters. Using egg tempera and oil paint, he formulates his own paints with genuine and sometimes toxic pigments, creating captivating Sensual Icons and Polyptychs.

Edwin’s works are showcased at prestigious art fairs and museums worldwide, finding a place in esteemed collections worldwide. Driven by passion, he defies boundaries, blending scientific knowledge with creative vision to produce thought-provoking and evocative works with a global resonance.


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