Why Statue of Liberty painted of nipples?

Why I got the idea to paint the Statue of Liberty full of nipples?

This painting is a reflection of the taboo on artistic nude in social media platforms. I feel sad that every artist that paints, photographs or making sculptures of the beauty of the anatomy of women has to autocensor, amongst others, the nipples. It feels wrong to damage your own creation because of the community guidelines of social media. Even more hypocrite, artistic nude is officially allowed, however, in practice posts and also accounts are deleted without warning or an accessible objection procedure possible.

Therefore, I see this as a kind of suppression of women, art and freedom. The current developments in social media remind me of what you often see in autocratic regimes. Are the social media developing in autocratic platforms limiting our freedom more and more? Would you like to live in such a world? And why a simple nipple of a woman has to be censored while a nipple of a man not? A nipple is just a nipple, which is there to feed a newborn baby. Apparently there are people interpreting nipples sexually. Isn’t this telling more about their own perverseness?

The painting Liberty Enlightening the World – A Kind Reminder is covered by hundreds of nipples in a popart-like style. My newest project is called Reflexi, by which I reflect on current trends in society.

The painting is comprising 3200 nipples (NPLs) of 2 x 2 cm, separately available. Want to know more? Click here for more details.

Don’t worry, I will continue with my hyperrealistic paintings and photography. In the future, however, I may make more reflecting Reflexi works.

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