Why Statue of Liberty painted of nipples?

Why did I want to paint the Statue of Liberty in nipples?

This artwork is a reflection of the social media taboo on artistic nude. I find it unacceptable that any artist who paints, photographs, or creates sculptures of the beauty of female anatomy must autocensor, among other things, the nipples. It feels so bad to harm your own creation because of social media community norms. Even more hypocritical, artistic nudity is officially permitted, but in fact, posts and accounts are banned without notice or an accessible objection procedure.

As a result, I perceive this as repression or even discrimination against women, art, and freedom. Current trends in social media remind me of what is common in dictatorial governments. Is the evolution of social media becoming dictatorial platforms restricting our freedom more and more? Do you want to live in such a world? And why should a woman’s nipple be banned but a man’s nipple not? A nipple is just a nipple given by nature to feed a newborn infant. Apparently, some people interpret nipples sexually. Isn’t this more indicative of their own perversity?

The painting “Liberty Enlightening the World – A Kind Reminder” is painted in popart-style nipples. Reflexi is my most recent project in which I reflect on contemporary controversial topics.

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