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Vanitas, 90 x 60 cm, oil on marouflage, Belgian linen on panel

(90 x 60 cm, oil on marouflage, Belgian linen on panel)

Price: €7500
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Frame: Wood with coloured silver leaf

This work is inspired by realising the impact of perishing beauty. The self-esteem of many women is depending on their attractiveness, which is indoctrinated by family, friends, media and society. Edwin realised that for such women, becoming older may become a kind of torturing. With this painting, Edwin wants to trigger you to observe your own relationship towards true beauty: the beauty of you inner self.

The posture of this lady is twisted, almost like a DNA helix, that emphasizes the matrix of life, the perfection of the female body, beauty and the inspiration of female anatomy. But also, the DNA is the matrix of your essence. This painting is also an experiment of expressing the female landscape as a traditional still-life. Instead of rummers, girandoles or fruits, there are shown the beautiful round shapes of a lady. The clair obscure light co-works pleasantly with the composition, creating beautiful diagonal lines and round shapes. The intended anonymous atmosphere is emphasized by nearly abstract forms in this artwork. With this painting, Edwin has consciously chosen to represent the lady as a vanitas still-life, meaning that physical beauty is perishing, while inner beauty lasts forever. Be pure, not plastic!

In this artwork, Edwin used self-made paint made from traditional, genuine pigments to paint her skin. Also the panel is completely hand-prepared: the Belgian linen is glued on the multilayered wood and grounded with traditional ground. The painting has currently an ornate frame, however, this soft Female Landscape also fits nice in a modern frame.