Edwin releases his Palladium Collection
Release of Palladium Collection by Edwin IJpeij

“Black dust”. For a long time, it was a symbol of failure for me. But it is now a proof of my accomplishment. Every scientist understands that this black dust, known as palladium black, is the messenger of failure after hard labour. However, this black dust is the greatest blessing for the fine artist photographer. However, as you will see later in this piece, it is not just for the artist.

Because these black particles of valuable noble metals permanently permeate the surface of the paper, this process produces artwork that is as permanent as the paper itself. In contrast to many other photographic printing procedures, a palladiotype photograph may so readily endure over a thousand years.

Soft, tender, and noble. It is, nevertheless, robust, tough, and persistent. Forever and eternally. Palladium particles, as smooth as skin, create a symphony of tonal values that honor feminine sensuality. As if it were a diamond. A precious gem of love, construction, and establishing connection. This is exactly what we require in the world right now.

Palladium is valuable and beautiful in the same way that every woman is valued and attractive. Every woman’s genuine beauty, her soul, resides within her. Every mother has an indelible impact on the world. Palladiotype pictures are everlasting; any collector or art lover who invests in palladiotypes is purchasing a piece of art for life and beyond.

I’ll provide some results soon. Do you want to see them in person? From April 8-30, 2022, come see my exhibition at the Espace Art Gallery in Brussels.

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