Fine Art Photography

On this page, you’ll find my fine art photography. As an artist with a mission to promote freedom and liberty, I use photography to tell stories and reflect society. While painting can be time-consuming, photography allows me to work faster. I make fine-art prints using highly pigmented lightfast inks and have recently started experimenting with older techniques such as Palladiotype and Cyanotype to create unique works. My chemistry background aids me in mastering the processes, ensuring the longevity of the artworks, and, most importantly, ensuring my own safety, as the chemicals involved can be quite hazardous.. If you’re interested in purchasing one of my fine art photography works, please visit my online gallery.


Let's create a world where the palette of diversity is celebrated and everyone is accepted for who they are, without judgment.

Join me in creating a world where everyone is accepted for who they are, without judgment. Let's build a society where diversity is celebrated in all its forms, and everyone is free to be their authentic selves. Together, let's make this dream a reality.


Nice, naughty and slightly erotic amuses

"Sensual Amuses" is an appealing and out-of-the-box art concept that explores the seductive attraction of the femme fatale through a unique combination of photography and food art. Feel the thrill of temptation as a femme fatale encourages you to taste on caviar, langoustine, oysters, and crab arranged on her body. Join me on a culinary and sensual journey to discover the spicy and forbidden desires that hide beneath the surface.


Just nude, downtown!

In the "Sensual in the City" project, I photograph a barely dressed model in well-known historical city locations, each with a strong message and story to tell. That was combined with his own international mission, namely the power, beauty, and equality of women. I always create paintings based on photos from photo shoots. The photographs are showcased first, followed by the paintings.


Introducing my photography series, "Muse in Bed", where I showcase the seductive and alluring nature of femininity through the lens of a muse lying in bed. Each image captures a different aspect of her personality - innocent, wild, playful, direct, sweet, and inviting - as she temptingly plays with her hair. The series aims to celebrate the inherent power and beauty of every woman, highlighting that every woman has the potential to be a muse or even a femme fatale. Join me on a journey through the lens as we explore the captivating charm and seduction of femininity.


I am excited to introduce my collection, "Elégance Eclairée," which aims to celebrate feminine elegance and sensuality. This collection is a tribute to women who embrace their power and take the lead in their lives. As an artist, I have chosen to bathe my muses in high contrast light, also known as chiaroscuro or clair-obscure, to specifically highlight the elegant and sensual feminine shapes. Every image I create evokes a sense of elegance, sensuality, and empowerment. Join me in experiencing the beauty and grace of womanhood through my Elégance Eclairée collection.

My techniques and Equipment

I am a fine art photographer who works with only the finest materials. When working outside, I prefer to use natural light and shoot with a Nikon full frame DSLR and Nikkor lenses. To maintain a natural, authentic look, I avoid using reflectors or artificial light. I keep a close eye on the weather and plan my shoots accordingly. In the studio, I use professional lighting equipment made in Switzerland to create beautiful fine art photography.

When creating prints, I utilize only the highest quality acid-free fine art paper and highly pigmented inks. In recent years, I’ve rediscovered the art of contact printing, which involves making your own light sensitive paper. This work is more manual and craftwork, resulting in a much more distinctive piece of art. I always print in very small editions to guarantee that each artwork is unique. Because of the handcrafted nature of this printing, the results never are exactly duplicated, resulting in each piece in a single edition being a one-of-a-kind work of fine art photography.

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