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Is it magic or just an illusion?

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Sensual Seduction: girl power!

In these Parisian Blue jewels, my muses seduce by a subtle power-play in a world where judgement doesn’t exist. Isn’t it the sensuality and irresistible seduction what makes women so powerful?

Can you resist the sensual attraction of a woman? Are you able to treat her as a true princess? Can you give her the feeling she is really special? All artworks tell their own story which tells a lot of the muse herself. Sometimes she is just sensual, sometimes she is a little naughty, sometimes she flavours with a touch of erotism, and in an ultimate case, maybe she wants even more.

Is this all true, or are these all illusions? All secret stories are introduced by a short magic title. Magic because these are triggering your own imagination.
Don’t worry, there is no need to be scared, because all muses are safely caged in a boxframe. They are all intended to inspire you and to give your adventure a boost, no matter how. Girls, your life starts where your comfort zone ends! It’s up to you to rule your own life.

Available now

The Shades of Blue Collection will be introduced by a very famous muse, my own version of Vermeer's Girl with the Pearl Earring. Because she is a muse for many people and artists around the globe, this blueprint will be exceptionally available in a fully handmade and hand signed limited edition of 30 pieces.

All the other artworks are available in a very limited edition of three unique handmade pieces. From mixing the chemicals, applying these to the Canson fine-art paper and developing in the sunlight all change in colour in an unique way resulting in all unique pieces of art.