nude photography, Sensual in the City Maastricht Bridge to Joy Sint Servaasbrug Maastricht

Sensual in the City Maastricht: Bridge to Joy

This photo was taken in front of the Sint Servaasbrug, the center of Maastricht. The Sint Servaas Bridge, also known as the Old Bridge, is an originally 13th-century stone arch bridge over the river Maas in the Dutch city of Maastricht. The bridge is named after the 4th-century bishop of Maastricht, Sint-Servaas, but only got its current name in 1932; before that it was just ‘the bridge’. The Sint Servaas Bridge is considered the oldest bridge in the Netherlands and an icon of the city of Maastricht. The structure is a national monument. This bridge was severely damaged in World War II and had to be largely rebuilt.

In front of this historical decor, the lady, partly covered by her transparent dress, is stripped of her old conditioning and habits. She celebrates her self-liberation to soon travel to the wide world via the bridge.

23 June 2021
Sensual in the City Maastricht
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