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Sensual in the City – Blind Date

The photo was taken on the most famous square in the Netherlands and also far beyond: “Het Vrijthof” in Maastricht. The photo was taken under the well-known “dating” clock, where the Grote Staat, the most expensive shopping street in Maastricht, flows through the rainbow zebra crossing into the Vrijthof. In the background, “America Today” winks naughty at this nude scene.

The naked lady in the photo is blindfolded under the clock waiting for her date. Why blindfolded you might wonder? Although it is now 2020, women’s rights are nowhere in the world equal to those of men. Women often receive significantly less salary than men for exactly the same work. They are hired less frequently for a job with equal qualification and often have less prosperous career prospects compared to men. Now in her strength, her sensuality, she is waiting for her date near the rainbow zebra crossing, the symbol of equavalence.

23 June 2021
Sensual in the City Maastricht
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