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Liberty Enlightening the World – A Kind Reminder

Is a special popart erotic art charity project with the goal to liberate up to 100 girls from sexual exploitation

Art category: painting
Size: 80 x 160 cm
Medium: Premium artist quality Oil Paint on premium fine-art linen (Claessens)
Project category: Charity
Project partner: Free A Girl Foundation co-founded by the internationally famous actress and presenter Yolanthe Cabau

Goal: to raise funds to liberate up to 100 girls from sexual exploitation

“Two million children around the world, mostly girls, are trapped in sexually exploitative situations. They are locked up and exploited in brothels, massage parlors or garages, among other places. Free a Girl is campaigning hard to rescue these children”. Source: www.freeagirl.com

Free a Girl Yolanthe Cab

How can you contribute to this popart erotic art charity project?

The painting is divided in 3200 squares that are available as shares, which are called NPLs (see FAQ for its meaning). Buy a share now and help to rescue up to 100 girls. We can rescue one girl per 32 sold shares. Thus, the more shares get sold, the more girls can be liberated from sexual exploitation.

What do you get when you buy a share/NPL?

  • a hand signed (by Edwin) and embossed certificate of originality and authenticity
  • a high quality giclee print of the original painting (20 x 40 cm on Ilford Fine Art Textured Silk printed with lightfast pigmented inks)
  • optionally: high quality framing by Atelier Pantazi
  • your personal reward to have contributed to the liberation of girls from sexual exploitation worldwide
  • the personal reward to be co-owner of the original painting that will be donated to the American people likewise the original Statue Liberty was donated to the American people (more information below)


The price depends on the location of the NPL in the painting:

  • €100 (green sky NPLs)
  • €200 (half statue half sky NPLs)
  • €250 (full statue and star NPLs)
  • €500 (crown and flame NPLs

Story behind and FAQ:

Why I created this popart, erotic art painting for charity?

I felt a strong need to paint this painting, by which I want to actively contribute to women’s and girl’s rights by this popart erotic art charity project. As I am an artist and not a politician or an activist, I love to use my artistic creativity by making a sound contribution in girl’s and women’s rights.

Power of women

The painting is about the power of women and it is painted in pop-art style nipples. Because of that, it is not visible which gender they have. Below, I will explain why the painting is painted in nipples. The painting is a reminder and reflection on liberty in the current world. This is urgently needed, because there is still a lot of suppression and unequal treatment of women. One of the most severe expressions of suppression is the sexual exploitation of girls and women.

Icon of liberty for Free A Girl

I have chosen to paint the Statue of Liberty as a subject because it is an iconic symbol of liberty. Everyone recognises the statue and its meaning. The Statue of Liberty reminds me of the end of the American Civil war and the end of Slavery. This part of human history made always a big impact on me because it was a historic game-changer in ending suppression. Sexual exploitation of girls one can also see as a form of slavery. Therefore, this painting fits well with the Free A Girl Foundation.

Donation to the American people

I will not elaborate on the full history of the Statue of Liberty, which you can read hereAn important historic detail is that the statue was donated by the French people to the American people to permanently remind the end of suppression. To achieve this, there was organised a crowd-funding action avant la lettre among the French population to finance the statue project.

Nipples as symbol for motherlove

The painting is painted in nipples to express mother love. The biological function of a nipple is to feed a baby, a newborn who’s life depends on the breastfeeding by hers/his mother. The love for the baby is something very special and because of this, the bond between mother and her child is very strong.

Dysfunctional taboo

However, because of religious or cultural conditioning, the female nipple is often sexualised. This results in a taboo that is to my opinion dysfunctional. Because of this taboo the sexualisation of the nipple is further magnified. As result of that, it is for many people more difficult to deal with sensuality. This leads to more stereotype and sexual polarisation between women and men and an increasing gender gap.

To summarise, the mission of this painting is to reset our relation towards nipples back to their biologic essence instead of the cultural-religious erroneous conditioning.

The painting is divided into 3200 squares measuring 2 by 2 cm and thus having a surface of 4 cm2. The name of such a square is called an NPL, which is the abbreviation of “nipple”. By buying an NPL you will become co-owner of the painting. You will get a certificate of originality and authenticity, on which the coordinates of your NPL are mentioned. You have the right to resell your NPL and trading in them. In that sense it is also a very nice investment.

Reflexi is a project by Edwin IJpeij to reflect on certain developments and trends in our world and society.

When 80% of the NPLs are sold, the original painting will be accompanied by a cover letter, donated to the American people. We will hand the painting with a cover letter over to the American Embassy in Brussels (B). We have chosen for the American Embassy in Brussels, because it it the capital of Europe.

In case you invest in an NPL, you don’t invest just in an NPL and in a co-ownership of a painting, that will be donated to the people of the USA. You will do much more, because you will change the life of a girl. I am proud to announce that I will donate a significant part of the proceeds to the Free A Girl Foundation. The Free A Girl foundation rescues girls from sexual exploitation worldwide, takes aftercare and tackles impunity. One of my topics is to close the gender gap and suppression of girls and women. We thus both strive to end suppression. We only do that in different ways and therefore Free A Girl and I complement each other in our missions. This is a very strong win-win situation.

We strive to rescue 100 girls from sexual exploitation. Together with you we will succeed in this, therefore do not hesitate to buy NPL’s!

Yes they are, absolutely! The project was submitted for review to the Free A Girl foundation and they have evaluated the project thoroughly. They are extremely happy that we collaborate because of the complementary mission of both the Free A Girl Foundation and me.

Free A Girl is a CBF recognized charity. The CBF (Central Bureau of Fundraising) is an independent Dutch organization that supervises charities.

The CBF checks whether charities meet strict quality requirements. You can give to the 665 Recognized Charities. Then you know for sure that your donation actually contributes to a better world.

The CBF also contributes to a professional and transparent charitable sector. We do this by answering questions about charities and sharing trends and insights with the sector and other stakeholders.

Disclosure of the painting

Release Liberty Enlightening The World Kind Reminder Espace Art Gallery Brussels Edwin IJpeij

Photo: Jerry Delfosse

Releasing speech by Edwin at the disclosure of the painting  an popart erotic art charity project in Brussels

“We still have a lot of suppression in our society. Suppression that is, to my opinion, not of this time. Therefore this painting is a kind reminder.

For example, the suppression of female nipples in the social media. Bizarre, since their function is to feed a baby. We have all been babies and probably there had been a nipple that saved your life. Another recent example of suppression is the war that is going on only 2000 km from here.

This proves that humans have difficulty to remember our historic lessons and we need apparently reminders for this. As peace is the result of the end of suppression. Tolerance is the answer, which comes when you invite love and compassion to be the music of your heart.” 

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