Sensual in the City

Explore the beauty and power of female sensuality with my art project “Sensual in the City,” which combines photography, painting, and storytelling. Discover stunning and thought-provoking pieces as you explore famous historical city locations in a new and meaningful way. You can discover the project’s message and story by exploring the full photographs. Are you interested in a unique piece of art that pushes boundaries? Visit my online gallery by following this link.

Edwin IJpeij Joy Draiki l1 Maastricht Sensual in the City

Sensual in the City Maastricht

Sensual in the City is a fine-art photography project that explores the connection between female sensuality and the sensuality and artistry of famous, historically rich cities. Through the lens of Edwin and his muse Joy, the project aims to normalize the relationship between individuals and their bodies, using nudity as a means of empowerment and representation. The first edition of Sensual in the City, held in Maastricht, was positively received by both media and audiences. The project features photographs taken at various iconic locations in the city, including the Vrijthof, Helpoort, Plein 1992, Saint Servaasbridge, and Tafelstraat, all of which convey a powerful message or story. The goal of the project is to create a series of six photographs and additional paintings, each with a strong message or story centered on women.

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