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(120 x 80 cm, oil on Belgian linen)

Price: €2750

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Working with this model from Amsterdam, was the basis for the creation of Edwin’s first Female Landscape. As an artist, he needs to grant her with credits, since she encouraged him a lot and brought Edwin in contact with the correct people for his artistic development. Moreover, she convinced him to pursue photography. In this painting he wanted to put her in the centre of the attention. Therefore, she is placed in front of a darkbrown background. The composition is very strong with a nice interplay between diagonal lines, her curvy shapes that are resonating nicely with the semi-circle blue cloth in her hands. The blue cloth is painted genuine Lapis Lazuli oilpaint, made by the artist himself.

She looks an elegant swan and she is ready to step into life. Young, but confident she leaves behind the comfort-zone from her parental home. In this exciting journey she protects herself with a cloth symbolizing love, peace and harmony. This symbol reminds her what her parents have taught her. Edwin wants to encourage women to expand their comfort zone by letting go their fears and uncertainty and conquering courage. This painting is also for Edwin symbolic, as he also needed to leave his comfort-zone. The work was also his first work that was exhibited during the prestigious Art in the Park exhibition in the gallery of Maurice Knops Fine Art, and was published as exhibition teaser in the national press between photo’s of works of Borek Sipek and H.O. Bouton.

The work is currently framed in a gold coloured frame.

7 June 2010
Home Exclusive Collection
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