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This painting is of a fashion model which is basically the inspiration of many girls and women. The fashion industry has a strong preference for skinny models to sell their products. Edwin wants to portrait all kind of women, therefore also this model. Just to provoke your inner dialogue, is this what you really want?

What makes girls to admire photos of celebrities and topmodels? Why they want to look like them? You also may be tempted to look like her? Her life style may become an obsession for you, and you start to sacrifice the beautiful person who you really are. Does this make you happy, or are you just a majorette? Before you realize, you’ve put her on a pedestal, like it is shown in this painting, suggested by the massive bench she is laying on. However, why should you admire somebody else but yourself? She has her white voile symbolising purity in the core of her strong personality. She has it even figuratively and literally ”in her fingers”. Where are you waiting for? To be continued… (See Acceptance).

In this artwork, Edwin used self-made paint made from traditional, genuine pigments to paint her skin. Also the panel is completely hand-prepared: the Belgian linen is glued on the multilayered wood and grounded with traditional ground.

7 June 2014
Home Exclusive Collection
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