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Basic Instinct

(90 x 60 cm, oil on marouflage, Belgian linen on panel)

Price: €6500

Home Exclusive collection

Frame: Patinage on wood
Edwin got inspired during the photoshoot with this model, who is a professional model and dancer. Edwin likes to work with models with this background, since they have a strongly developed body awareness and therefore have excellent posing skills. The idea got born during a photoshoot where the model was throwing with her hair. Together we came to the idea to make a wild image as basis for this painting.

Wild and strong she crawls away from the fire in the background: her fire! Strong and decisive she had chosen for him, the love of her life. They married and they were very passionate. In the meanwhile, many women tried to tempt him by their beauty.This hurted her and was troubling her mind and making her incertain. This was hindering to fully enjoy the love they had shared. Untill she got a brilliant idea. She knows in this world people too often think that “the grass is greener at the neighbours” and they forget why they have chosen for their partner. Provocative and wild she tempts him, even throwing with her hair. The sfumato in this painting represents her charme and tenderness which she uses as a secret weapon next to her passion. This way she now keeps the fascination and passion alive. This is her secret that she wants to share with you: keep you basic instinct in your relationship or marriage, fight for it!

In this artwork, Edwin used self-made paint made from traditional, genuine pigments to paint her skin. Also the panel is completely hand-prepared: the Belgian linen is glued on the multilayered wood and grounded with traditional ground.

Home Exclusive Collection
7 June 2017
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