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(150 x 80 cm, oil on Belgian linnen)

Price: €3250

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Edwin casted Kate who is a woman who knows what she wants. Her self-confidence, power,  intellect, truth and confidence in future are expressed by her standing pose, the triangular shapes in the composition and strong contrast in the lighting. But what does she do? Is she a successful business woman, a strong politician or a golden Olympic medal winner? Whatever she is or has achieved, at the core, she is a woman with all her vulnerability. With this painting Edwin wants to inspire women that can always be successful when   they find their inner self respect, no matter of condition, religion or colour.

Edwin wants to bring the mystery back by a new way of expressing nude, by tickling the curiosity of the spectator.

On one side his work is realistic, but on the other side also abstract. This atmosphere is created by his strong clair-obscur style, even stronger then used by Rembrandt, Caravaggio and Artemisia for example. Where these Old Masters used often 2/3 of light and 1/3 of shadow, Edwin uses 1/3 of light and 2/3 of shadow. The result is that the female landscapes have a chaste and anonymous character, as if the model is dressed in shadows.

7 June 2012
Home Exclusive Collection
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