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Le Fruit Défendu – The Forbidden Fruit

(Size: 33 x 90 cm, Oil and Tempera on marouflated panel, Home Jewelry Collection, signed verso)



Titled “Le Fruit Défendu” or “The Forbidden Fruit” in English, this life-size painting celebrates the beauty and power of female sensuality. The painting references the creation story of Adam and Eve, where God forbade them from eating the fruit from the tree of good and bad in the Garden of Eden. Tempted by the devil in the form of a snake, Eve ate the forbidden fruit and convinced Adam to do the same, leading to their realization of nudity and subsequent shame.

This religious tale reflects societal shame towards nudity and the unequal treatment of women with respect to men. However, nudity is simply the act of being in one’s own skin without clothing, and shame is a fear of revealing one’s purity and vulnerability. Why should we feel ashamed of who we truly are?

As for the painting itself, Edwin, the artist, is available for commissions. Please contact him for more information.

6 June 2021
Home Jewellery Collection
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