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Le Fruit Défendu – The Forbidden Fruit

(Size: 33 x 90 cm, Oil and Tempera on marouflated panel, Collection Série Seinsuelle)



This life-size painting has the title: Le Fruit Défendu, which means in English The Forbidden Fruit. This very sensual nude celebrates the female beauty and power. The Forbidden Fruit refers to the creation story of humanity: Adam and Eve. God created Adam, and from Adam’s rib Eve. He told them to eat all fruits from Paradise except that of the tree of good and bad. Eve was tempted by a snake, in Christian symbolism, the devil, to eat the forbidden fruit. Eve was tempted and she tempted Adam to eat it too. They ate the forbidden fruit and they became aware of their nudity. And from that moment they felt SHAME.

Till so far this religious story which tells a lot about how we currently look at women and nudity. The Forbidden Fruit painting mirrors this cultural and conditioned shame for nudity and moreover, the inequity how women are treated compared to men.

Shame is a fear. Nudity is just showing up without clothes. Just in your fabulous skin, the most outside part of who you really are. Extrapolating this to the shame for nudity may arise the questions: why to feel shame for who you are? Why to feel shame for purity and vulnerability? I have a clear idea on the answers of these questions, however, I am more interested in your answers about these questions.Edwin is also available for commissions, please contact the artist for more information.

6 June 2021
Home Jewellery Collection
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