female nude, photography, Sensual in the City Maastricht Gate to Hell

Sensual in the City Maastricht: Gate to Hell Temptation

The photos were taken in front of the Helpoort, downtown Maastricht. The Helpoort, formerly also known as Jekerpoort, Hoogbruggepoort, Alde Poort op den Ancker, Kruittorenpoort or De Twee Torens, is a former city gate in the Dutch city of Maastricht. The gate is part of the first medieval city wall of Maastricht and is located in the Jekerkwartier at the southern end of the Sint Bernardusstraat, opposite the Pesthuys. The gate dates from the second quarter of the 13th century, making it the oldest surviving city gate in the Netherlands.

The lady is completely naked, albeit in high heels, looking flirtatiously over her shoulder to tempt somebody to walk into the Helpoort. With this, the artist wants to portray that in his eyes there is still a taboo on nudity. Unnecessary according to him since the skin is a beautiful and important organ that protects us. The skin may be seen and we may cherish. Because of the taboo, people keep away their children from nudity, while they are allowed to play violent games. Isn’t that strange?

23 June 2021
Sensual in the City Maastricht
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