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Sensual in the City Maastricht: Lost in the City

This photo was taken in Tafelstraat, the center of Maastricht. Close to the shopping public and tourists, the lady on the work of art is lost in the lee in the center. Of course she is not literally lost, but figuratively.

In the midst of the stately masculine buildings, the lady celebrates her freedom and throws her hair loose, but still on her bare feet. “Where did I get and how did I get here?” She wondered. “I did not follow my heart for a long time, but I listened too much to my mind,” she concluded and said to herself: “I am no longer myself and now I change course.”

It is not without reason that she is in the “Tafelstraat”. “Tafel” is Dutch which means “table” and “straat”means “street”. Even among all those masculine buildings, the woman is ultimately the most powerful. After all, she determines what comes on the table and what happens in the bedroom.

Sensual in the City Maastricht
23 June 2021
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