Vermeer famous colours: King and Queen colours of his palette

Discover the unique and beautiful colors used by Master Vermeer in his paintings (illustrated by Vermeer’s The Milkmaid). From the lemon yellow hue of lead tin yellow to the rich and luxurious blue of genuine ultramarine, these colors tell a story of their own.
Lead tin yellow, also known as “the yellow of the Old Masters,” is a lightfast and opaque color with a historical significance. Despite its high lead content and high toxicity, it was widely used by artists of that era. On the other hand, genuine ultramarine blue is made from the semi-noble Lapis Lazuli stone and is highly prized due to its expensive and laborious purification process.
I have a chemical degree and had the opportunity to use these colors in my contribution to “De Nieuwe Vermeer.” However, if I really applied them, I cannot reveal at this time. Find out if I used these unique colors by watching the episodes, of which the first episode will air on February 12th at 20:25 NPO1 on #omroepmax #denieuwevermeer.

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