Girl with the mysterious eyes

The Girl with the Mysterious Eyes: SOLD

red dot - sold artwork

(31 x 33 cm, tempera and oil on panel marouflage)

Home Jewelry® collection

Giclée: not available

This painting is a portrait of an anonymous model, which is called a tronie. “La Fille aux Yeux Mysterieux” is a very special artwork. It is about a young provocative girl, strong and knowing what she wants. She has intriguing eyes, of which the colour in the painting changes between green and blue depending on the light. The girl knows her beauty and flirts with the spectator by looking half over her shoulder, while squeezing her left eye just a bit having slightly wet lips. What does she want and how she inspired the artist?

Edwin is also available for commissions, please contact the artist for more information

Home Jewellery Collection
6 June 2021
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