nude art, painting female nude, Venice Girl I

Venice Girl I: SOLD

red dot - sold artwork

60 x 30 cm, tempera and oil on French Oak marouflage

Home Jewelry® collection

Giclée: not available

Venice Girl I is the first part of a series of a journey in the self-development of a woman. With this painting, Edwin wants to reflect how a girl is raised to become a woman in the current society with all its consequences. To his opinion women deserve to be more self-aware of their inner beauty. This irradiates through the physical appeance for your entire life.

In this painting, she wears a Venetian mask, looks away and protects her breasts with her arms and hands. But why? Since childhood she was indoctrinated by the beauty industry, by TV, magazines and friends. She always had to prove her attractiveness. Like so many women, she develops an uncertainty about her appearance. She is tired of this and wants to break free from this uncomfortable position.

This unique artwork is made on quarterly sawn French oak panel and prepared accordingly the old masters techniques, using the best linen in the world, chalk, glue, eggyolk, oil and genuine pigments. Since my chemistry background, I am allowed to use traditional genuine pigments, from which I make my own paint.

Also the frame is very unique. It is made by hand in the atelier of Gregor’s Frames and completely tailored to the painting. Edwin recently started a nice collaboration with Gregor’s Frames, to frame his Home Jewelry® collection.

Home Jewellery Collection
15 May 2019
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