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"Three Marys at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier": a new Vermeer in the Freedom Museum

GROESBEEK – The painting “Three Marys at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”, painted by artist Edwin IJpeij, was created during the TV program “De Nieuwe Vermeer”, in which masterpieces by the grand master Johannes Vermeer were reconstructed. This painting is based on ” The Three Marys at the Tomb of Christ”, a disappeared Biblical work by Vermeer from the 17th century. It is hanging in the Freedom Museum since Wednesday 22 March 2023.

Newspaper article about Edwin IJpeij's painting hanging now in Freedom Museum

The ‘new Vermeer’ in the Freedom Museum is about the grief of those left behind

It is a modern interpretation of an old painting: three women and an angel at a grave in a war cemetery. This entry for ‘De Nieuwe Vermeer’ now hangs in the Freedom Museum in Groesbeek. The fact that three of the four persons depicted are Ukrainian gives the work of art an extra charge.

Newspaper article about Edwin IJpeij's participated to TV programma "De Nieuwe Vermeer"

The painting ‘The Three Marys at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier’, with which the Geleen artist Edwin IJpeij reached the final of the TV program ‘De Nieuwe Vermeer’, can be seen from Wednesday 22 March in the Freedom Museum in Groesbeek.

Limburger Statue of Liberty nipple nipples Reflexi taboo freethenipple

Article De Limburger on Statue of Liberty full of nipples

Translation in English:

Statue of Liberty with hundreds of nipples as a statement by artist from Geleen against ‘nipple taboo’ on social media

09-04-2022 by Geertjan Claessens

The Geleen artist Edwin IJpeij wants to get rid of the ‘nipple taboo’ on social media. He made a work of art in response to the censorship of artistic nudes. That was revealed on Thursday evening at a new exhibition in Brussels.
Facebook banned Edwin IJpeij last year, according to the social medium his messages with artworks with artistic nude were not acceptable. IJpeij sees this censorship as a form of oppression of women and freedom, based on the ‘prude’ American rules against ‘obscenities’. That would contribute to inequality.

Since the Facebook ban, the artist has made censorship his mission by fighting social media. The taboo on showing nipples must be removed as far as he is concerned. In response to the censorship, he made the oil painting Reflexi. On the pop art-like canvas, the Statue of Liberty is covered with hundreds of nipples. The painting was unveiled on Thursday evening by a Ukrainian model at the Espace Art Gallery in Brussels at the opening of the exhibition ‘The Magic of Chemistry in Erotic Art’.

The work should contribute to a debate to end the taboo on showing nudity. Due to the ban from his work, IJpeij is less active on Instagram and Facebook. The Geleen artist previously made the news when he took nude photos of the Bussum model Joy Draiki in the open air in Maastricht, which were incorporated in his exhibition Sensual in the City. A Belgian gallery that showed his works was also closed by Facebook for some time. That is inconsistent, according to IJpeij, because social media tolerate other works of art with nudes.

IJpeij sees his work as an ode to the freedom, beauty and purity of women, who must contribute to equal rights.

The canvas is divided into 3200 squares called NPLs, an abbreviation for ‘nipples’. Anyone can adopt a box for a fee. The first ones have already been sold. Part of the proceeds from the new exhibition will go to the Dutch foundation Free A Girl, which stands up for girls’ rights and against sexual exploitation.

Edwin IJpeij interview vier jaargetijden Passaggio Lex Bohlmeijer NPO Radio 4

NPO Radio 4 interview De vier Jaargetijden van Passaggio

Edwin was interviewed by reporter Lex Bohlmeijer on the national Dutch radio station NPO Klassiek on November 18, 2021. (previously NPO Radio 4). The interview focused on the link between the Maurits mine (Europe’s largest coal mine) and art in his hometown of Geleen. That obviously shows a link between affluence and creative activity. Edwin also discusses his creative objective, which was warmly appreciated.

The exhibition of painter and photographer Edwin IJpeij and sculpture Irenée Duriez was featured in the newspaper L'Avenir (Namur (B)).

Sensual in the City: Europe Tour and Sensual in the City Brussels announcements in international publications

During the Sensual in the City Maastricht show at Galerie Art Péro in Namur, it was revealed that one of the next stages will be a Sensual in the City Brussels edition. We are now in the application process, which has been made more difficult by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sensual in the City Maastricht, L1 TV Prime Time News Item

Sensual in the City Maastricht TV interview at the Helpoort
Sensual in the City Maastricht TV interview at the Helpoort
Model Joy Draiki in good hands of Makeup Artist Kitty Dijks
Model Joy Draiki in good hands of Makeup Artist Kitty Dijks
Being filmed for TV Interview while working
Being filmed for TV Interview while working

Maastricht Sensual in the City Newspaper Articles

The project Sensual in the City Maastricht received international press coverage in Dutch and Belgian newspapers.

Pre-publication articles for Sensual in the City Maastricht

Pre-publication of the Sensual in the City Maastricht project with a front-page teaser in De Limburger.

The Hero's Journey Interview

More about Edwin's motivations and journey may be found here. With highly intimate revelations.

Dutch Masters of LXRY e-magazine publication

Edwin IJpeij Masters of LXRY 2017

Newspaper article about how Edwin IJpeij's chemical background benefits him as an artist.

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